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So many TreatsAmy Strother010/9/2014
Zebra InspiredZenea 1Sweetie's Crew8/12/2014
Haybale ..John DeereLisa Myers 010/14/2013
Baby shower cakeMary Overstreet010/1/2013
Amazing Cakes.. never failNicole Sanders07/18/2013
Ya'll are AWSOME !!!!Ron Jacobs07/3/2013
Mia's 10th New York City Style CakeKelly Rivera06/25/2013
Banana CupcakesTracy04/27/2013
Disney Movie - BRAVELaurie1Krystal Shiver4/8/2013
Jordan's Cristina04/4/2013
Thank You! Nina Scaglione012/4/2012
My husband's 60th Birthday Cake. Bonnie Dutcher011/7/2012
Fabulous Wedding & Grooms CakeKrystal Shiver010/2/2012
first birthdaymorghan1Krystal Shiver9/12/2012
Retirement CakeBecky Ewing07/26/2012
Cadillac Cake!Leslie06/14/2012
Swan cup cakes for May 12Amy 05/26/2012
Jumbo Cupcakei9 Sports04/11/2012
Love the cakes!brandy1Karen4/3/2012
Thank youAmy 02/20/2012
Thank you! :)Mirranda012/2/2011
Beautiful Wedding Cakes !Christine Gearhart010/25/2011
Awesome Hawaiian Anniversary Cake!!Kathy08/29/2011
Thomas Tank Engine Cupcake CakeKathy08/29/2011
Cupcakes in little boxesRosi Steele1Sweetie's7/28/2011
CupcakesTracy1Krystal Shiver7/25/2011
cookiessheila dean1Krystal Shiver7/9/2011
Price for Birthday Cookie CakeNsegale06/12/2011
Great CakeBarbara 06/3/2011
UF Nursing Graduation CakeJan Essenwein05/2/2011
E's 1st B-DayMelissa05/1/2011
Picture perfect wedding cakeSarah Castellano04/28/2011
Wanda's-Tiffany & Co. cakeKristina03/30/2011
i like one of your cakesStephanie Toro03/28/2011
Baby shower cakeCrystal02/16/2011
cookie monster cakeConnie02/15/2011
QuestionSandra2Krystal Shiver1/16/2011
FANTASTIC CAKERuth Benson01/8/2011
Awesome Job!!!Sabrina Tsh1Krystal Shiver12/12/2010
Aidan's 1st Birthday-Tammy Banhan010/19/2010
abby cadabbymary chavez08/16/2010
storm trooperBeth08/9/2010
August birthday cake for twoMichele2Krystal Shiver7/29/2010
Looking for beach ball cakeTammy1Krystal Shiver6/24/2010
Coach Bag Cake SuccessGia Hedgeman1Krystal Shiver5/24/2010
Monster CakeAmy Tolcser1Krystal Shiver5/13/2010
Beautiful !!JacciandKynder's Mom05/4/2010
sweet perfectionAshley1Krystal Shiver3/18/2010
We need a Sweeties Delights in New Tampa!Jan Carson1Krystal Shiver2/26/2010
Wedding cake?Cassie1Krystal Shiver2/12/2010
Monkey Face CookiesLiz Nowacki2Liz nowacki2/9/2010
MICKEY MOUSE BIRTHDAY CAKE Tiffany1Krystal Shiver1/26/2010
My Wedding CakeMindy Dearborn1Krystal Shiver1/22/2010
Cigar Birthday CakeDani1Krystal Shiver1/19/2010
R2D2 cake for my husbandnikki1Krystal Shiver1/15/2010
banana cupcakerose012/16/2009
Beautiful and Oh So Yummy shower cakeRenee Girard012/9/2009
Registration Yasmine 012/9/2009
Alice and Wonderland UnBirthday CakeAdam1Krystal Shiver12/7/2009
Photo of Ballerina CakeJudi Clavey011/11/2009
Beautiful!!!Krystal Shiver1Krystal Shiver10/18/2009
WWE wrestling cake or BMX Bike Heather Stenger1Krystal Shiver10/9/2009
Best Wedding Cake!!Mike and Alyssa Berst010/7/2009
Husband's 30thKimberly 010/2/2009
Baby bottom cake for my baby shower!<3Amanda1Krystal Shiver8/24/2009
A Beach Wedding (the most recent of Sweetie's most wonderful delights)Holly & Tim; Lisa & Jeff (parents of the bride)08/11/2009
Simply the best.....better than all the rest Jan Carson07/15/2009
Busy! Busy! Congrats!Brandi Reardon06/5/2009
Sweeties in North CarolinaMelody05/29/2009
Sweeties in AlabamaTonyia A. Percy05/26/2009
Truck CakeHeather1Krystal Shiver5/6/2009
marilyn monroe cake shawna1Sweetie's Delights4/14/2009
The Best Frosting EVER!Whippy Dip Addicted04/9/2009
ConcernLois1Krystal Shiver3/28/2009
Awesome Cake Kathy! Tricia Weeks03/10/2009
Kathy is an awsome cake decoratorVictoria Narehood02/16/2009
A wonderful super-duper cupcake cake birthday SURPRISE!Katelynn012/30/2008
The purple Jumbo CupCakeMirranda012/30/2008
Birthday Pumpkin Spice CakeMelissa012/1/2008
saying helloKelly Davis012/1/2008
WoW! What a cupcake!susane010/19/2008
Veggie Tales Cake Thank You!Shannon09/9/2008
Beautiful and DeliciousLara08/26/2008
Wanted to share something with you. :)Melissa07/28/2008
Winners of THE BEST TASTE OF BRANDON contest!Kelly Hughes05/24/2008
Ariel cake and cupcakesMelissa Ruth1Krystal Shiver3/6/2008
Cake was a hit!Trista Sampson1Krystal Shiver3/4/2008
Up and Rolling Michelle Hendrix02/6/2008
Absolutely WonderfulRob01/30/2008
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